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At Evans Chiropractic Clinic, it’s important to our team that you have all the services you need to reach better health at one location. We have a range of solutions to offer all ages of patients, from newborns to those in their 90s.

Chiropractic Care

Muskogee Chiropractic Services

With many techniques available, we can tailor health care to your needs and comfort.

Dr. Robbie has several different techniques to use in adjusting our patients. He is the only area provider of the B.E.S.T method of adjusting, which helps relax the muscles in the body so that the adjustment holds longer and is easier on the body. We see great results with this technique! Additionally, we may use Diversified, which addresses the needs of your full spine, and Activator Methods®, which is a gentle, instrument-based adjustment.

It’s possible that you may feel some soreness after an adjustment because your muscles and tendons are rebalancing. It’s just like going running for the first time and feeling sore afterward. Our overall goal is to get you feeling better, but there may be some discomfort along the way.


If you’re wondering what to eat, when to eat or how much to eat, Dr. Robbie can provide nutritional counseling for you. Part of our offering includes injectable vitamins that have anti-inflammatory properties and other valuable nutrients. Vitamin C boosts your immune system; vitamin B helps with energy and neuropathy, and B vitamins can also help beat fatigue. These valuable additions to your diet can help your body heal quickly.

Massage Therapy

We recommend massage in combination with your chiropractic care. While chiropractic focuses on the relationship between the spine and its impact on the nervous system, massage focuses on the 650 muscles of the body. Both disciplines work together to help keep the body in proper alignment, balance and function. Learn more»

Physical Therapy Modalities

These modalities can speed your recovery and will be prescribed for you based on your particular condition. Therapies available at our practice include

Use your insurance coverage for your visits. We accept Medicare, Medicaid and most other plans. Workers’ compensation cases are welcome. Contact us today!

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